Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Confirmation Class

This is a nine-month course (during Sunday School) for 6th graders to prepare for full membership in the church.
The Confirmation Class meets on Sunday mornings from 9:40-10:40 in John Wesley Room 109.
This thorough study of the United Methodist denomination includes activities such as:
  • guest speakers
  • field trips to area churches of other denominations
  • lock-ins
  • 2 overnight retreats
  • a trip to Alexandria, LA for “Confirmation Day with the Bishop.”
This experience is designed to teach the basic beliefs of the Christian faith, and it helps students consider the responsibilities that come with a Profession of Faith and Church Membership. 
Attendance and participation is REQUIRED.  A covenant of commitment is signed at the start of each year.
Confirmation is an outward act announcing to witnesses (our Congregation) that the "Confirmand" has claimed the name "CHRISTIAN" (ie, claimed Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Savior).  During the Confirmation Worship Service, the "Confirmand also officially joins the Church as a Full Member, professing to uphold this Church with their Prayers, their Presence, their Gifts, their Service and their Witness.
Confirmation is about making a choice and taking responsibility for one’s faith.
Confirmation Class is about leading the students to that choice through the teachings of the church and exploration of their own beliefs.
Pledging individual commitments should underscore this serious purpose that brings us together every Sunday morning and for special spiritual retreats.
With this Covenant, the students, the parents and the class leaders, individually and together, dedicate this year to the faith journey of the student through this Confirmation Class.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” (author unknown). Confirmation is an awesome, important, serious step on your journey. Because of this, the following commitment is asked of you.
  • Attend and Participate in Sunday School/Confirmation Class regularly. We meet from 9:30-10:40 in John Wesley Rm. 109 EVERY WEEK. We ask that everyone set a minimum attendance goal 80%. (This would mean missing no more than 6 classes.) We believe that intentional study and discussion enhances our understanding and strengthens our beliefs.
  • Attend and Participate in the Confirmation Class Lock-ins and Overnight Retreats. We strongly encourage you to attend these events, due to the importance of the lessons being covered, as well as the relationships being built. We believe that being accountable to each other strengthens our desire to be accountable to our God.
  • Attend and Participate in Worship Services regularly, with a goal of at least twice per month. We believe that worshiping together as a family of faith is vital to spiritual formation.
  • Attend and Participate in the Class Church Visits. We have planned visits to other churches, including those of other denominations, in order to learn more about our own heritage and beliefs. We believe that in order to truly commit to this journey of faith, we must understand where we come from and where we are going. We also believe that we learn more about our church by studying that of our neighbors.
This is a huge commitment and a huge step on your faith journey. You are invited to take advantage of the many opportunities provided here to learn and grow and believe. Remember the saying, “You only get out of it what you put into it!” We pray you will join us on this walk.